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Security Tips

When you purchase a new home there are a few things you need to do before you move in. First, have the locks rekeyed. There could be countless people who have keys to your home, between previous owners, their family and friends, and neighbors. Second, if you don't already have deadbolts, it is important to have them installed. Deadbolts are much more secure than a standard knob lock and are highly recommended.


Alarm Systems can protect you from more than just burglars. We can custom design an alarm system to give you the protection you need. Some of the options you can choose from include smoke or heat detectors, CO2 detectors, panic/emergency button, motion and glass break detectors, shock sensors, and magnetic contacts.

Access Control

Electronic Access Control is an advanced way to protect your home or business. It offers you the ability to control who can enter any specific area of your property as well as when they are allowed to.
You are also able to deny access to anyone without having to get their key back or needing to change the locks. You can choose the level of security that's right for you, with options like a pushbutton code, a proximity or smart card, and biometrics.