Access control systems

If you’re looking to secure your work or business, there’s no better, more time-tested way than by installing an access control system. Allowing you to keep track of who is entering and exiting your building, access control systems are a proven way to increase security, accountability, and – above all else – peace of mind. Whether you’re interested in tracking employee movements, monitoring visitor activities, or keeping an eye on who is accessing restricted areas, Lock Master Security can work with you to design, source, and install a high-quality, reliable, and accurate access control system.

Trusted, dependable access control

Lock Master Security has earned a reputation for installing the most reliable access control systems. To ensure our customers have the utmost confidence in our systems, we work with the industry’s top companies.

  • Linear Emerge
  • HES
  • Altronix
  • Honeywell
  • Aiphone
Convenience and control.

If you’re tired of employees losing their keys, failing to return them after quitting, or forgetting them in another part of your facility, access control is a great solution. With our systems, you can remove employee access at any time and issue new credentials when needed.

Increased safety and security.

Working with sensitive materials or information? Access control is a widely accepted – and proven effective – way to manage access to restricted areas. If you’re handling secure, sensitive, or classified information, you should absolutely consider the benefits of access control.

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